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by Vik. on Apr 08, 2018 at 12:59 PM
by Vik. on Apr 08, 2018 at 12:53 PM

We are a group of gamers that have a long history of playing together. For over a decade, from Lineage 2 in 2003 to present, we’ve maintained friendships and have run a successful, goal-focused gaming community. We pride ourselves in getting to know each player and integrating them into the crew. We treat new members as a valued part of the team, no different than our longest tenured veterans.

In order to be successful on a two-day schedule, we demand a very high level of attendance. We cannot tolerate continual absences and tardiness. Prove yourself dependable, perform when called upon, and you'll earn yourself a raid spot. It's that simple.

To this end, we expect no more than one absence or tardiness per month due to unforeseen circumstances or scheduling conflicts. Any more than that puts you at risk for demotion. Whether or not the demotion is temporary, depends entirely on your ability to convince us that you can better manage your time. Plan ahead. Treat this exactly as if 19 other people are waiting for you instead of spending time with their family / career / education.

This is not adult daycare, and we are not here to hold your hand. We expect you to show up to our raids optimally geared, up to date on any class or encounter changes, familiar with relevant progression encounters, and ready to work together as a team.

You should always be looking for ways to improve. Maybe your DPS isn't up to par. Maybe your meters looked great, but you made more work for 19 other people by ignoring mechanics. Either one of these things could potentially land you on the bench for an encounter. This isn't personal. We have a very limited amount of time for progression, and we can't spend too much of it trying to address whatever issue you might be having.

Ask yourself if you'd like be in a guild that doesn't take this seriously. You are part of a team here, and we fail or succeed together. If you slack, everyone else has to carry your weight. Do your job.

This is a gaming community, after all - You get out of it what you put in. Bump a recruitment thread. Get on Discord. Bust some balls. Organize some M+ runs. Level some alts. Hit up other games or make some suggestions. We aren't interested in having a roster full of nerds who have no vested interest in one another. Take some ownership of this community.

Monday 8pm - 11pm EST
Wednesday 8pm - 11pm EST
We send invites at 7:45p, we pull at 8p.
We expect you logged on and ready to raid at 7:45p.

We run an optional raid on Thursday (8p) for alts, gear, and AP.
Mythic+ groups, and PvP groups are self managed and scheduled within themselves.

We have a basic ranking system within our guild, which should be familiar to any WoW player. A new raiding recruit will start at Trial and can potentially work their way up to The Core. We promote on our terms and in the timeframe listed below.

Do not ever ask for a promotion.

If you are striving to be a Raid Team member in Reckless, we expect you to be a self-starting, top performing, self sufficient, self disciplining, maintaining near perfect raid attendance, actively being social in discord, and doing what you can to be a good guild member in general. (making yourself available for mythic groups, LFR, Pugs, PvP, other games)

These ranks are invite-only. The leadership here was formed by Salao because it's a well functioning team with many different skillsets that is delegated to various guild jobs. Everyone has a purpose, and we will never accept a member disrespecting our leadership. If you don't like our style, or you think you can do it better, then go start your own community - This crew has maintained Reckless for over a decade.

GM • Salao(Vik)
Leader of the community. Makes all final decisions on recruiting, progression path, loot, removal of members, and promotions.

Officer • Blezyx, Cluraz, Lamentari, Kitywompus
Forms the Leadership of the guild. Helps in raid leading, recruiting, organizing guild activities, distribution of loot, and when we need to optimize our raid team.

You will start as a Trial here and can work your way up to our The Core if you have the skillset and work ethic. As a Trial, after a 3-4 week period of raiding, you will be moved to Raid Team or be removed. From Raider you can work up to The Core, our highest raiding rank. Seniority and time spent in guild (while appreciated) doesn't equate to meaningless promotions. Each rank is explained below.

It should also be noted that EVERY raiding rank (Trial, Raid Team, and The Core) needs to be online and prepared (during our raid times) to be pulled into any encounter during raid hours. We will stack the best 20, whether that is class based or rank based.

• The Core
Players that have shown they go up and above the norm for the community. They've bought into our system and do things the help the guild succeed. They pitch in with recruiting, optional raid nights, help organize/call raid encounters, the social atmosphere, fresh ideas on raid strategy, etc. They do more than just show up on raid nights. Aside from leadership, they help the guild run and succeed.

Guaranteed raid invites
Endless Repair Budget
Private channel to discuss opinions about members/raids
Ability to invite members to guild

• Raid Team
Players that have shown a commitment of raiding and performance here in The Reckless. Have shown they can perform at a high level and be reliable members.

Priority invites over Trials
1k daily repair budget

• Trial
New players on a trial. You will be at this rank for a minimum of 2 weeks no matter what. The trial period can last a full 4 raiding weeks (8 progression raids). From here you are expected to perform to your fullest potential and show you can integrate into the community.

If you miss a raid over the course of your trial, your trial period will be reset.
If this absence means we can't field a strong 20 for progression content, you will likely be removed from the guild.

We use in-game calendar events to help vizualize upcoming attendance, so your response is required. Please check in on these events before you skip a raid night for any reason - Don't be that 20th guy who screws 19 of us to go watch Dancing with the Stars.

Come Prepared
We expect all raiders to come with flasks & food (when not provided), know talent changes for individual fights, and to have all required addons installed / updated.

We love to have a good time during raid with our friends but there is a fine line between killing bosses on our limited schedule and joking around every pull. Discord should be clear for all raid strat discussions, loot and when leadership is speaking to raiders. Come with a willingness to learn and respond to feedback. No room for people with sensitive attitudes and elitist mentalities.

All raiders should have knowledge of the fights and how the fights impact their class. As said above, know the talent choices for the fights. Watch the videos and review any strategies if finalized by the leadership team. Provide feedback if you find it necessary but do not become mad if the strategy is turned down or pushed off for a later pull.

Here in The Reckless we run a loot council. We require each of our raiders to have Installed.

The GM and Officers decide loot. We have run a successful and fair council for over 7 years in WoW, and we have a clear, effective method that puts us in the best position to succeed as a raid team.

We loot with the following criteria:
• Level of upgrade
• Set completion
• BiS
• Raid performance
• Rank

If you are a newer member, don’t expect massive upgrades over our longer tenured members. You’ve yet to prove yourself to the group. We keep BiS/Set completion in mind as well when looting.

If you have a question or concern, voice it to Salao or an Officer after the raid. We will not deal with loot drama whatsoever. If you disrupt the raid or send a tell to a member bitching, we will find out and you will get kicked. We have zero tolerance for loot whores and drama queens. If you have a question, approach the leadership before/after the raid and we are happy to discuss it with you. If you act like a bitch, expect us to return the favor.

If you have any questions, talk to the officers or Salao.