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We've gone through many years of mostly WoW, and while it was a very successful run, it's been clear the community has drastically shrunk without a main game (mmo). Today we're ready to explain what's next for us and it's up to you whether you come back or you move on. We've tried a number of mmo's (FF14, Gw2, etc) trying to recapture that magic and base we found in WoW, but they hasn't been an unanimous choice amongst the remaining members. Now we have.

Black Desert has all of the things I have personally looked for in an mmo for over 10 years. It has a true open ended pvp endgame of politics/world pvp. There is no predetermined allies and enemies, you make your own. Castle Sieges and clan wars to decide who rules on the server, and it will never get stale, it will never get boring. It's a nearly identical system (free for all pvp, clan wars, sieges, xp loss on death, able to kill anyone) to Lineage 2, the game that I came from.

Some major features
  • Free targeting combat (you aim your abilities)
  • Seriously impressive graphics
  • Extensive crafting and mount system

I can only explain so much, so here are a few videos to show you what it's about.

We are currently playing it on the Korean server, to which I provided a guide on how to get on it. The game will enter NA beta this winter, with full release next year. I will continue to update the site with information, videos, and guides.

What else?

It goes without saying Overwatch will be gigantic when it launches this fall. We will dive all in on it when we can play, we also understand a fps wont have the ability to maintain an active community like an mmo. Therefore, Overwatch will be a side game for our members, much like Diablo 3 is now.

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