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Zenathari; regarding TF2.

You've picked it up right away. You are already kicking ass, and I'm glad to have you as part of the 6's team. So, I'd like to get you started on your upcoming hat addiction, pick out one of the following hats: and consider it a gift for kicking a...
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Vik.177595Small Zenathari 9y
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Xbox live/PSN

So i know a lot of us have an Xbox/PS3...So lets share gamer tags and what not, add me hookers.... X iF U R Y( yes spaces between everything)
Member avatar small Serasis 9y
Serasis62866Small Lucitya 9y
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Looking to start a competitive TF2 team.

As part of expanding the guild to a gaming community, I am looking into creating one or two TF2 servers for the community to expand. I also want to dive into the competitive side of 6v6 TF2.The basics of it -
Small Vik. 9y
Vik.137083Small Goux 9y
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NHL Fantasy League Anyone?

Anyone interested in playing some fantasy hockey this year? I know its a long season but atleast its not baseball.....
Small Verdantis 9y
Verdantis21402Member avatar small Verdell 9y
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SWTOR Guilds and PVp bring back fun.

If you didn't know, cross server PVP doesnt exist in SWTOR. They want to keep the feeling of rivalry and server pride. They also discussed a system that would help fill BG queues by putting in lower level players with stats boosted to the 90% th...
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The Dubstep Thread

Because dubstep isnt just music, it needs its own thread. im gunna dump alot. Skrillex- Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Rusko- Jahova
Small Bromilk (Plaguies) 10y
Bromilk (Plaguies)2819941Small Kalios 9y
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Is it just me...or is 2011 a really really good year to be a gamer?

To account for what we have and have to look forward to before the end of the year...I mean wtf how am I going to catch up with this?Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDead IslandBattlefield 3Modern Warfare 3The Witcher 2TES: SkyrimResistance 3RageLA NoireB...
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ummmmmm hi

I miss you guys, so hows things been?
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Vokzhen31823Member avatar small vokzhen 9y
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Too hot for the hot tub!

This heat wave plays for keeps.
Small Vik. 10y
Vik.83929Small Snoosh la douche 9y
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Whats your favorite beer?

This is mine.
Small Vik. 10y
Vik.3221243Small Annme 10y
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A Step Into Sekse's World.

Ever Need to a Picker upper for raids? Heres Mines <3Turbulence By Steve Aoki, Lil John and Laidback Luke
Small Sekse 10y
Sekse2011495Small Viridae 10y
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So yea If you got Into Google + or would Like an Invite gimme your Email Addy.Add =)
Small Sekse 10y
Sekse63064Small Sekse 10y
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Anyone play Rift by chance? I've re subbed and play sometimes. Just wanna see if anyone else is on it and what shard/faction.
Member avatar small Verdell 10y
Verdell21621Small Waterotter 10y
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Yo i spoke with Salao the other night and we started talking about this new MMORPG Tera Online. I'm sure many of you have heard this MMO will be different from every other MMO on the market i really encourage anybody ...
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Cluraz84338Small Chris 10y
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do any of you have like an iPad or an android or blackberry powered tablet? I'm thinking of getting one and trying to weigh the options on them and wondering if any of you have suggestions about them.
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We've always done it that way.

A message from my dad... though this was forwarded to him by his friend and looks like it's turned into a seemingly long chain.Does the statement, "We've always done it that way" ring any bells... ? The US standard railroad gauge (distance between...
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Keiffer42121Small Keiffer 10y
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The evolution of Math

Last week I purchased a drink at Burger King for $1.58. The counter girltook my 2 one dollar bills. I then pulled 8 cents from my pocket andgave it to her. She stood there, holding the nickel and 3 pennies, whilelooking at the screen on her regis...
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Hey ladies and gents!

Droppin a line to say hey and see how you guys are doing. Hope raiding is goin well for you guys in the new xpac!!
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Zombieninja42203Member avatar small Zombieninja 10y
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Android users of Reckless!! I call upon thee!

I need assistance in making a nearly arbitrary decision. wouldn't even be a question if the nexus S had a removable media slot. :(
Small Marcaryn 10y
Marcaryn1210913Member avatar small Foria 10y
Vik.52926Small Krilv 10y