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is this the remake of SVPP with Salao the greatest mage ever?
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Super Funny

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="...
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Your hair is dead :(
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A little game called Minecraft

It's fun and the survival mode is a blast with friends. You guys need to pick this one up.
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For Alyx Love Si

Because Alyx Requested it. Enjoy ^_^P.S: Thank Your for the Guild invite I look forward to working with you all again and all the new people as well.
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Our Wedding Day! a.k.a Aryah and Cirix

Here are some photos we stole off of friends on facebook. We don't have the real deals yet, but we wanted to share our day with you all! Can't wait to get back and kill LK... but we are off to Rome tomorrow! Take care guys :)We designed and made t...
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Old School Reckless?

This wouldnt happen to be the same <Reckless> that spawned from the ashes of <Grim Reapers> back in BC would it?
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Federal vs State.

Its quite interesting the stuff that occurs without any rabble. But here's something that I believe most people will find interesting.Part 1Part 2part 3Discuss
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Wondering if anyone has or plans to buy the game. The reason I ask is co-op is pretty baller, and now that I am leveling another Mordecai up, I'm looking for a group to grind some shit out during our offtime.Click me if you don't know about the game.
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Garrosh-Sylvanas Dialogue

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Where is that Ogre headed buffoon? Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Ah, speak of the devil ... (Portals from Orgrimmar arrive with Hellscream, Hellscream's elite, and High Warlord Cromush. Hellscream ju...
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Epic Killing Spree.

This motherfucker ate his Wheaties.
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I was thinking...I need more haste.

The pelvic thrust does some deeps son.
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What does this mean?!

Double RainbowMight be old news to some, but I thought it was pretty damn funny. Watch it all the way through, I think I cried with him laughing so hard.
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Laughs are on house

Through the looking glass..
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Fucking Robot
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Got bored in school so I tried to log on the guild site, now im posting to show my triumph.
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